John Moody will provide “Beginning of Ultralights” lecture(s) for $300 per lecture for:
on at

, ,

Phone:- Fax: - Email:
In addition to fee above, travel expenses to, from, and at the event will be provided.  

Total for lecture(s): 

Total payment for services:   $
*30% deposit:   $
**Balance due:   $

also agrees to provide:

1.  An area suitable for projection of videos/pictures (dark or highly shaded) equipped with podium, projection screen, and projection table having electrical supply of 110 vac, 500 watts, and an image projector of suitable lumens for the area and capable of connecting to a USB connection on a laptop computer.
2.  A public address system with lapel microphone if lecture area exceeds 1000 square feet. 
3.  One  non-smoking room for the duration of event including one day early arrival and final night of the event. 
*Deposit is due at execution of contract and is refundable only if medical, mechanical, or enroute weather prevents John Moody from appearing to lecture.  **Balance is due at completion of services.
Agreed by Signature ____________________________
For Date: ____________________________
Accepted by ____________________________ for Moody Enterprises ____________________________

INSTRUCTIONS: Fill in the blanks, then print this form using the button below. Sign and mail the completed form with your check (in U.S. funds) payable to: 
Moody Enterprises, 1015 Lochmont Dr., Brandon, FL, 33511


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