John K. Moody
1015 Lochmont Drive
Brandon, Florida 33511
813-685-2718 · 813-431-2712 cell
The incredible legacy of John K. Moody — Father of Ultralights


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Icarus II ... the beginnings

Few of today's ultralight enthusiasts truly understand the unique beginnings of ultralight aviation.

Imagine ...

a world where the term "freedom of flight" is an oxymoron... a sad joke, if you will. Sure, free to fly... IF you have the income to afford the extensive training, licensing, and time requirements of conventional aircraft flight. Then, suddenly, you hear of a new type of airplane that

ANYONE can fly!

Without the restrictive licensing and expensive flight time! A new avenue suddenly is thrown open to the entire WORLD where a man, woman, or even a teenager can now own and operate an aircraft of their own, even of their own MAKING! Freedom of FLIGHT at last! All because of one man's courage to "test the system", to push the envelope of conventional thinking and open the skies to the common man, a most uncommon man:


To understand his story, order the video, or, schedule him to speak to your group.  Become part of aviation history by opening your mind and heart to the dawn of ULTRALIGHT AVIATION!

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