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The incredible legacy of John K. Moody — Father of Ultralights


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Icarus II ... the beginnings

Welcome To Our Air Show!


What's that? It's not supposed to be here.

It sure is noisy! Get it out of here!!!

No radio?? Then shoot it down!

First Shot! **

Hit the front wheel....

(After a boom and puff of smoke on the aircraft, the front wheel falls off)

Second Shot! **

Hit the rear wheels....

(After a boom and puff of smoke on the aircraft, the rear wheels fall off)

Third Shot! **

Hit the tail....

(After a boom and puff of smoke on the aircraft, the tail detaches and flutters down)

Fourth Shot! **

Must have hit the engine!!!

The engine smokes and sputters, sputters and smokes, then


No engine, no tail, no wheels....What's going to happen?

Then to the surprise, delight, and relief of the spectators, a glide to a gentle foot landing....

Just like in the not so good "Good ol' Days" of ultralight aviation.

John K. Moody,
world renowned “Father of Ultralights”,
flying one of the first ultralight aircraft.

1977 vintage Easy Riser. Weight: 140# Engine: 16 hp Hirth 2 cycle. Stall: 18 mph Speed: 18-50 mph. Original engine: 10 hp West Bend 820. Muffler: practically none…. Really loud!!

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