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The incredible legacy of John K. Moody — Father of Ultralights


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Icarus II ... the beginnings

Experimental Aviation Association's Ultralight Hall of Fame
Inaugural Inductee

Initial recipient, 1991, and namesake for United States Ultralight Association’s annual “Moody” award recognizing outstanding contributions to ultralight aviation. Southeast Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame inductee, 1998. Featured in numerous periodicals.

JANUARY 29, 2000

Students at East Hillsborough Independent School were enthralled to watch John Moody, Father of the Modern Ultralight, swoop low over the pond and land in the back yard. After answering questions about the technical and mechanical aspects of the aircraft, he showed an historical video. This explained the trial and error process he experienced. Mr. Moody completed the first ultralight aircraft foot launch without benefit of a hill or cliff on March 15,1975.

In his inspiring discussion, Mr. Moody encourages the students not to give up on their creative ideas and dreams. He answered numerous questions about principles of aviation that he used to invent his version of the ultralight. Moody’s story has appeared in Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, The Smithsonian, and National Geographic as well as numerous other periodicals. He performed a one-of-a-kind comedy routine at air shows until October 17, 2004, when an accident ended his air show performing.  He is currently available as a speaker for adult groups as well as schools.




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