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The incredible legacy of John K. Moody — Father of Ultralights


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Icarus II ... the beginnings

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October 17, 2004:  During an approach to landing at the air show in Augusta, GA, I had to alter my planned approach to landing due to a change in wind direction.  During the turn I must have focused my attention on something on the ground for a few seconds too long because, while my attention was diverted from my flying duties, I allowed the Easy Riser to bank too highly at too slow an air speed and the interior wing stalled. Yes, even though the Easy Riser is, in my opinion, the one of the most forgiving aircraft there is to fly, I found a way to crash it.  I went almost straight into the ground from about 100 feet altitude. By God's grace, instead of being killed or paralyzed, I only crushed both ankles, broke my pelvis, and punctured a lung.  Now, after 15 months and 4 surgeries (so far) I am walking without cane or crutches.  It isn't exactly pretty and I still can't walk a mile, but at least I am upright and reasonably mobile and I expect continued improvement and, perhaps, a surgery or two in the future. I will fly again but my foot launching/landing days as well as my air show performing days are over.  Currently I am available to speak to groups giving my "Beginning of Ultralights" presentation.

There is no way to adequately thank the many people and organizations who sent financial aid and get well wishes and especially to thank the many who prayed for Vicki and me. A special Thank You must go to the wonderful people in the Augusta area who were so gracious, thoughtful, and helpful during, and well after, the initial crisis.  

Again we say, THANK YOU!!!

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